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Lisa Wells

I have a PhD degree in computer science from Aarhus University. And I have been involved in pervasive healthcare projects since 2006. I have worked with administrative tasks in Caretech Innovation since I started at the Alexandra Institute in 2009. Before that I had a postdoctoral fellow position at the Dept. of Computer Science at Aarhus University. In 2006-2008, I worked as a project manager on healthcare projects (projects with the Alexandra Institute as partner).

Before turning towards the pervasive healthcare field, my work centred around research and development of tools for modelling and analysing systems. Most of my PhD - and postdoctoral work focused on:

  • modelling and analysis of systems, by using models to examine if systems perform as expected - both in terms of logical correctness and efficiency.
  • simulation-based performance analysis, which uses computer simulations of models to examine various objectives for system performance such as speed, efficiency, throughput, utilization, and resource consumption.
  • the modelling language Colored Petri Nets, which is a graphical modelling language with a strong mathematical foundation and which is well-suited for modelling of realistic systems, ie. not only for mock-ups.
  • development of performance features in CPN Tools, a free tool that supports modelling and analysis of systems using CPNs.

Right now I work on administration of the projects Denmark as a telemedicine pioneer country and URB Grade. Furthermore I work with administrative tasks in the Pervasive Healthcare Lab. These include:

  • Reporting to grant donors
  • Preparation of administrative processes
  • Preparation of budget and accounting
  • Documentation of procedures
  • Follow-up on action plans
  • Updating websites
  • Technical assistance with computer programs

My background as a researcher has given me special insight into how research projects are defined and executed, and this knowledge is very useful in relation to my current job.

My professional skills include:

• Project management and process management

• Analysis and critical thinking

• Software development and support

• Modelling and analysis of system behavior by use of Coloured Petri Nets

• Knowledge dissemination and training

 I recommend:

Senior Team Leader
+45 24 63 11 31
Aabogade 34, 8200 Aarhus N
Hopper building, 3rd floor room 319