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Lea Schick

Senior Research and Innovation Manager / People, Technology and Business Lab

Lea Schick

Lea's main areas of interest include sustainable transition, people, IT and innovation. 

She is an expert in interaction design, user involvement and concept development and uses her knowledge and experience in innovation processes where she brings together different stakeholders with a common interest in solving complex challenges. She is also an experienced organiser of co-creation processes, masterclasses, hackathons and conferences as well as exploratory and educational innovation processes. Moreover, she undertakes the role of facilitator in InfinIT - network for innovative utilization of IT.

She contributes to our application area Intelligent sustainability, which encompasses energy, smart city, nudging technologies, green circular business models and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Previously, Lea worked as a researcher and lecturer at the IT University of Copenhagen where she obtained her master’s degree in Digital Design and Communication. Furthermore, she has written a PhD on Denmark's national smart grid strategy.

Primære arbejdsopgaver og faglig interesse:

Main tasks and expertise

Energy and sustainability / Co-creation / Idea generation / User-driven innovation / Design processes / Smart city
Senior Research and Innovation Manager
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