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Jacob Andersen

Senior Software/ICT Engineer / Health IT Lab

Jacob Andersen

I have a Master’s degree in computer science from Aarhus University in 2007 (with a Minor in mathematics and some subsidiary subjects in physics). Subsequently, I took a PhD degree at the same location in March 2010. The topic of my doctoral dissertation was Medical Sensor Network Infrastructures.

A major challenge for sensor networks is that they have very limited resources: Limited energy, limited processing power and memory. Most often, there are also limits to the cost of producing the sensor, and maybe even the physical size and/or weight of the sensor. If the technology should be used in the healthcare sector, it must be reliable, robust and secure, for example by ensuring patients' privacies when the sensor data are processed. At the same time, technology must be easy to use correctly for the user. On the other hand, it must be difficult to make mistakes. These requirements are apparently difficult to reconcile with each other. This is what makes it exciting and challenging.

After completing my PhD the majority of my work has been conducted in the fields Medical Sensors, Sensor Networks and Network Infrastructures.

Medical sensors and medical devices
I have worked on how to measure various physical and physiological parameters of the body – and for that matter also on everything else. The work involves physical measurements such as signal processing and signal detection. Within the theme of medical devices I have also worked with the legislative requirements for quality assurance (primarily software) for medical devices.

Sensor networks and embedded systems
My primary interest and focus is on small autonomous devices with minimal resource consumption (energy, memory etc.). Secondary the focus of my work has been to create solutions that are both secure and easy to use – without compromising too much on resource consumption.

Jacob Andersen
Senior Software/ICT Engineer
+45 61 70 43 05
Åbogade 34, 8200 Aarhus N
Hopper building, 3rd floor room 326