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Flemming Adsersen

COO Danish Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence / Data Science and Engineering Lab

Flemming Adsersen

Flemming is the manager of the Danish Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence, which is part of the Alexandra Institute. The centre provides access to state-of-the-art expertise in machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data as well as easy access to a network of companies working with the same technologies.

He acts as a playmaker in this framework. He is passionate about creating business opportunities based on IoT and Big Data..

Flemming has a master's degree in economics combined with an education from INSEAD and DIEU and more than 20 years of experience with SAP, Microsoft and PwC. This has given him deep insight into decision support, management processes and innovative use of data for business development across industries and sectors.

Primære arbejdsopgaver og faglig interesse:

Main tasks and expertise

Business development / Management processes / Big data / Machine learning / Innovation / Innovative use of big data / IoT
COO Danish Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence
+45 24 82 90 60
Njalsgade 76, 2300 København S