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Eva Bjerrum

Distinguished Organisation Analyst / People, Technology and Business Lab

Eva Bjerrum

Eva is one of the country’s leading experts in organisational analysis. Throughout her career, she has advised a wide range of private and public organisations on the relationship between working methods, tools, office setup and culture and how that relationship affects our perception of work and how we work.

The concept is called New Ways of Working and focuses on achieving the best possible coherence between strategy, work processes and digital and spatial solutions. Often, a culture change in the organisation is needed, and to facilitate that, Eva uses a number of well-proven methods and tools that involve the users in the change process.   

The goal is to help organisations find their own version of New Ways of Working – adapted for their specific context.

Eva has an open, explorative approach to work processes and contributes to continuous research-based knowledge building and methods development in the field of New Ways of Working.

Primære arbejdsopgaver og faglig interesse:

Main tasks and expertise

New Ways of Working / Inspirational talks / Management and process consultancy / User involvement / Organisational anthropology / Methods development / Evaluation / Facilitation
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Distinguished Organisation Analyst
New Ways of Working
+45 23 38 20 52
Åbogade 34, 8200 Aarhus N
Hopper building, 3rd floor room 332