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Anders Kofod-Petersen

Director Cph / Data Science and Engineering Lab Management

Anders Kofod-Petersen

Anders is in charge of our activities in Eastern Denmark. He is furthermore Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, a leading university in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

His work focuses on the latest technologies and methods to analyze and improve existing software systems and to develop new ones. They combine the fields machine learning, IoT and classical software engineering and have specialists in software architecture, cloud computing, data mining and machine learning as well as in mobile and web-based solutions.

Anders is fascinated by the combination of the classical scientific intelligence studies and the technical design of intelligent systems. At the same time, he is techno-positive. He is not worried that evil artificial intelligence will consume us as some of today's luddites have argued recently - including prominent businessmen and scientists such as the Tesla billionaire Elon Musk, who has started a fund to fight the "threat" from artificial intelligence, and the theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking who has stated that the development of full artificial intelligence can be the end of humanity. Anders writes about this theme on his blog Den Levende Maskine (The Living Machine) in the Danish newspaper Ingeniøren.

Anders is project leader of the public-private partnership DABAI (Danish Center for Big Data Analytics Innovation) - with a total budget of DKK 117 million, of which 45 million has been funded by the Innovation Fund Denmark. DABAI is the largest collaboration so far between private companies and the public sector in order to create an overview of data and how to exploit their full potential.

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Main tasks and expertise

Machine learning / IoT / Software architecture / Cloud computing / Datamining / Mobile solutions / Web-based solutions / Artificial intelligence
Director Cph
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