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Alexandre Alapetite

Senior Cyber-Physical Specialist / Data Science and Engineering Lab

Alexandre Alapetite

Alexandre is a software engineer and project manager focusing on IoT, positioning and Human-Computer Interaction.

He works on the design, implementation, simulation and evaluation of various user interfaces. Experiences include multimodal interfaces with speech recognition for an electronic anesthesia record, tactile interfaces, voice commands, and infrared enhanced vision for aircraft pilots, gaze interaction including controlling robots for (e.g. surgeons) and drones for people with disabilities.

In the IoT field, Alexandre works with positioning, location-based services and interaction with smart products and applications in smart cities. Tasks include being a system architect on a location-based service in an airport, crowd monitoring by use of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and projects using customized beacons for the visual impaired.

In addition, he has participated as a project manager in a number of Danish and European IoT projects, smart city and human-machine interaction. Alexandre has a PhD degree in Informatics, specializing in Human-Computer Interaction, web technologies and IoT.


Primære arbejdsopgaver og faglig interesse:

Main tasks and expertise

IoT / Human Computer Interaction / Positioning / Location-based services / Qualitative User Studies / Voice recognition / Project management / Gaze interaction / Assistive technology / Prototypes / Software architecture / Computer modelling
Profilbillede af Alexandre Alapetite
Senior Cyber-Physical Specialist
+45 61 69 52 47
Njalsgade 76, 2300 København S
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