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Alexandre Alapetite

Senior Cyber-Physical Specialist / Data Science and Engineering Lab

Alexandre Alapetite

Alexandre is a software engineer and project manager focusing on cyber-physical systems such as IoT and robotics. He is currently leading the Nordic IoT Centre activities at the Alexandra Institute.

With a PhD degree in informatics and a background as a senior researcher at the Technical University of Denmark, he is intimate with academic research, which he applies to various domains.

In IoT, Alexandre develops prototypes involving various sensors, wireless technologies and back-ends, especially in the context of smart products and smart cities, including interoperability (standardisation), scalability, and security aspects. Tasks include: system architect (e.g. in airport context), crowd monitoring, positioning & location-based services, developing custom beacons (e.g. for the visual impaired), adding predictive maintenance (e.g. railway). His recent interests are edge computing and IoT-enabling existing products.

In Human-Computer Interaction, Alexandre is experienced with the design, implementation, simulation and quantitative evaluation of various technological concepts involving humans, including human factors. For instance multimodal interfaces with speech recognition in the medical domain; tactile interfaces, voice commands, and infrared vision for aircraft pilots; gaze interaction for people with disabilities, including controlling robots and drones.

As a software engineer, he works with software architecture and programming, often web-based (full stack), including software security aspects and emergent standards, as well as advanced development such as the modelling of systems (e.g. simulation of gas pipeline reliability, modelling of ship manning strategies). He is an active open source contributor and has a growing interest in decentralised web.

Alexandre has participated in numerous Danish and European R&D projects – often with a leader role at project or work-package level.

Primære arbejdsopgaver og faglig interesse:

Main tasks and expertise

Project management / Software architecture / IoT / Smart cities / Positioning / Robotics / Human-computer interaction / Prototypes / Qualitative User Studies / Assistive technologies / Computer modelling
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Senior Cyber-Physical Specialist
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