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Security Lab

The Alexandra Institute’s Security Lab brings together industry and research around security issues relating to technological trends such as Internet of Things, smart products, cloud computing, mutual computing and privacy.

Common to those trends is that the associated security issues cannot be solved with traditional means. On top of that, we see an increase in cybercrime, where both citizens and companies are exposed, as well as an increase in IoT uptake. 

Furthermore, the widespread use of big data brings security and privacy into focus.  

Perhaps you have an idea about using data and IoT to optimise your business but are uncertain about how to deal with data security. Don't let that stop you!. Data security is definitely an issue that companies – and their customers – need to be concerned about. But instead of giving up on your ideas and business opportunities, you should consult us for advice.

Security Lab helps your company design solutions and provides advisory services in the field of security and privacy to enable you to deal with both business and regulatory requirements.

We provide expertise in the field of IT security and privacy, including state-of-the-art technology, applied cryptography, design of security solutions, as well as knowledge about how IT security can act as a business driver. We focus on the development of solutions and concepts that enable our customers to exploit the potential of current and future digital and internet-based solutions.

Security Lab develops innovative concepts and solutions based on our core competencies: Secure Multiparty Computation, authentication and privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs), usable security, secure communication, security architecture and business understanding. We participate in a number of research and development projects and provide expert advice on IT security. 


Check out our portfolio of cases to see projects and tasks we have been involved in.
You can filter the cases by duration, expertise or field of application. 

Together with Aarhus University, Security Lab is a world leader in implementing Secure Multiparty Computation – a unique cryptographic technique that enables computation on encrypted values.

SMC can be used for confidential data processing and exchange of data. In the research project Confidential Benchmarking (COBE), we have contributed to the development of an SMC-based solution that enables integration of confidential data, which would otherwise be problematic seen from a security perspective.

SMC makes it possible for several parties to input data in encrypted form and compute on the data while still encrypted. The only thing that is ever revealed is the result, which all parties agree to decrypt, and which cannot be abused.

We also work with applied cryptography for mobile platforms and PETs (Privacy Enhancing Technologies). These activities are primarily based on Java and Python.

Another focus area is threat and risk analysis. Here, we use methods inspired by OCTAVE.

We have applied these methods in different areas, such as healthcare IT, wireless communication in industrial environments, and pervasive computing in general.

Another example is Attribute-Based-Credentials (ABC), which is a technology that supports secure identification and privacy – for example in connection with electronic ID cards. We have participated in the EU project ABC4Trust that develops digital privacy-enhancing solutions.  

We continuously build knowledge on current and future IT security risks and opportunities through our involvement in the social debate and international research projects.

On the research-side, we have a long-lasting collaboration with Ivan Damgård’s internationally acclaimed cryptography group at the Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University.  

Other research partners include Aarhus School of Engineering, DTU Compute, Department of Economics at Copenhagen Business School, and the Department of Food and Resource Economics at the University of Copenhagen.   

We help your organisation avoid unpleasant surprises when you are dealing with sensitive data. We also ensure that lack of knowledge about the newest technological possibilities is not an obstacle to the introduction of modern, flexible solutions.

Whether you are a public or a private organisation, we can help you understand and solve security issues pertaining to for example smart production systems and software applications.

One of our customers, smart meter manufacturer Kamstrup, contacted us for an internal brush-up on IT security, a thorough security review of their product, as well as assistance on developing solutions to address basic security challenges. We also conducted a security review of Kamstrup’s smart meters.

We asked the Alexandra Institute to conduct a threat analysis of our data collection systems. The Alexandra Institute looked for security holes and provided advice on measures to be taken, if necessary. 

Henrik Mørck Mogensen, Senior Vice President, Technology, Kamstrup.

Head of Security Lab, PhD
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