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People, Technology and Business Lab

People use technology to create results. Technology is an important enabler for new business and new processes and helps us get the right things done in a useful manner. The main focus of People, Technology and Business Lab is to ensure that the value of technology is incorporated into business and practice. We therefore ask ourselves:

How do we make sure that users adopt new technology, and how do we establish a strong business foundation for new products and services?

We provide expertise on the interplay among people, technology, technology application and business.

Both human and business factors contribute to shaping technology. So if we want to understand how to design technology, or why it is used in a particular way, we have to analyse human behaviour and practice and investigate business opportunities available in the market.


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The core offerings of People, Technology and Business Lab include:  

User-driven innovation

We systematically involve different stakeholders in the development and evaluation of products and services based on our holistic knowledge about people, technology and business.

We believe it is important that the integration of IT into our everyday lives should be driven by user need. Key tools in our experimental methods therefore include: physical mock-ups, software prototypes and spatial installations. 

Our projects are based on a user-driven innovation model (participatory design), which involves potential future users actively in the design process through workshops, scenario development, prototype evaluation, etc.

We work in cross-disciplinary teams of researchers from computer science, architecture/design, information studies and engineering. In addition, we involve developers from partner companies as well as end users in the development of new concepts and technologies.

Innovation management

We ‘embed’ the technological innovation and provide the best possible framework for a successful innovation process in an organisation.

We help our customers and business partners incorporate business, users and technology into a meaningful innovation process adapted for their specific context.

Business development in technological innovation projects

Effectiveness evaluations

We have developed specialised methods to be used in connection with user-driven innovation and business development in technological innovation projects.

Smart energy and sustainability

The energy industry is facing new challenges as a result of the roll-out of smart meters and smart grid, as well as new stricter rules for CO2 emission. We systematically involve different stakeholders in the energy domain in the development of initiatives and products based on a holistic knowledge about people, energy and technology.   

Sustainable innovation and smart city

Smart cities are based on the data we collect about cities via smartphones and sensors. We help public and private organisations harvest the benefits of open data.

We provide technical advice and prototype development of applications and services for smart cities. How fast should the Internet of Things be introduced, for example? Do we need new processes for how to implement new technology in critical infrastructures and services? What are the ethical implications of placing sensors in our surroundings?

Contact us to learn more. We have technical expertise and practical experience of collecting and using data from connected products.  

New Ways of Working 

We help public and private organisations innovate and develop the framework for modern work life – both from a technological, organisational and spatial perspective. Our work is research-based, and we use a proven methodology.  

Head of People, Technology and Business Lab
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