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Innovation networks

Innovation networks are an efficient tool for cultivating and strengthening new academic fields and areas for innovation. A network is a flexible framework for knowledge sharing, collaboration and project development. In the network, members and other persons interested in a specific subject work together in cross-disciplinary teams across businesses, public organisations and knowledge institutions.

The Alexandra Institute provides expertise in setting up and operating an innovation network, for example by solving organisational, strategic and practical assignments relating to the start-up of the network.

The purpose of our innovation networks is to bring together businesses, public organisations and IT researchers around specific focus areas relating to IT innovation and new technology. Network activities focus on members' needs. Members include businesses and public institutions with a particular interest in the academic field of each network. Members participate in network activities, either free of charge or at a reduced price.

The task of establishing innovation networks has been assigned to the Alexandra Institute by a granting institution, for instance the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, or local governments. Like the other activities of the Alexandra Institute, the networks are research-based.

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Your benefits

  • Organisation: We help set up and facilitate the organisational framework for the network’s activities.

  • Administration, infrastructure, secretariat: We advise on how to manage and operate a network most efficiently. If needed, we can be in charge of operating and manning the network secretariat. Furthermore, we provide tools and IT solutions for network management.

  • Matchmaking: An important activity in a network is to ensure that relevant parties meet to share knowledge and establish new collaborative relationships. The Alexandra Institute is experienced in matchmaking and can contribute methods and best practice.

  • Project establishment: One of the essential objectives of a network is to initiate joint projects. The Alexandra Institute can help initiate new research and development projects. As an example, we provide assistance with project formulation, project applications, and matchmaking with relevant partners from businesses and knowledge institutions, etc.

  • Events: A wide range of event types support knowledge sharing and collaboration in a network. We help you choose, adapt and organise events that are of optimal benefit to the network and the participants.

  • Knowledge dissemination: A key element in network management is to disseminate knowledge about the network’s purpose, events, projects etc. as effectively as possible. The choice of communication channel and tools is decisive. A website and web technologies are essential entry points to network members, activities and resources.

All these services can be adapted and scaled according to the purpose and scope of the network.

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