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About the Alexandra Institute


The Alexandra Institute helps public and private organisations develop innovative, IT-based products and services based on cutting-edge IT research. 

We are a non-profit company with a mission to create value, growth and welfare in society. 

Our team of specialists design novel, innovative IT-based products and services. We apply our skills in software, user involvement and innovation methods to create technological solutions of commercial relevance with the aim of helping companies boost their business. 

  • We help you identify how IT can develop and support your organisation and business
  • We provide knowledge about the latest trends within our business areas
  • We develop and optimise software
  • We perform reviews of software and architecture
  • We provide effectiveness evaluations, benefits realisation analyses and best practice guidance

Research-based user-driven innovation

Our work with research and innovation responds to issues of social relevance, primarily the needs of businesses and organisations to get access to the latest research results with the aim of creating innovative solutions. We have a special approach to application-oriented IT research that we call research-based user-driven innovation. By involving users in our research projects, we aim to create products and services of commercial relevance.

Our research and innovation projects constitute the engine that creates new knowledge of benefit to the participants in the projects. We also bring this knowledge into play in our consultancy services and our innovation networks. In this way, the Alexandra Institute contributes to improving the innovation processes in organisations and to enhancing their competitive position.

GTS - Advanced Technology Group

We are one of Denmark’s seven members of GTS, a network of independent Danish research and technology organisations. The GTS system is funded by the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

The purpose of the GTS system is to enhance the development and exploitation of leading-edge technologies in Danish industry. The GTS organisations have a total of 2900 employees in the core of the Danish technological infrastructure. Our role is to develop technological services based on the latest research and to sell these services on commercial terms. Read more about GTS.

Our primary focus is pervasive computing. We have the country’s strongest and most comprehensive expertise in developing and applying pervasive computing technologies.



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