25 may 2022


Broken cryptographic keys in embedded devices

At this online masterclass, we will discuss three examples of vulnerabilities in cryptographic keys in embedded and IoT devices.
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Topics of the masterclass

Embedded and IoT devices may use and create cryptographic keys for a variety of purposes, most notably to secure HTTPS and sometimes SSH connections.

Cryptographic key generation can be flawed in a variety of ways. Embedded and IoT devices come with some particular challenges that make key generation on these devices risky. Weak random number generators have led to large numbers of devices with vulnerable keys in the past.

We will discuss three examples of such vulnerabilities in this class:

  • Static keys in Firmware
  • RSA keys with shared prime factors due to flawed random number generation
  • RSA keys vulnerable to Fermat Factorization

target audience

Who is it relevant for?

The participants should have basic knowledge about the core ideas of cryptography and the concept of public and private keys.

Key takeaways

What will you gain from participating?

  • Knowledge about common cryptographic flaws in embedded devices.
  • Knowledge about the badkeys tool and service that allows identifying many common types of vulnerable cryptographic keys.


Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact:

Zaruhi Aslanyan
Security Architect, PhD
Alexandra Institute

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