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Navigating the Security of Complex Organisations

Navigating the Security of Complex Organisations

På denne workshop i København bliver du introduceret til Attack Navigator, der er et modelleringsværktøj, som skal hjælpe virksomheder med at forudsige og prioritere cyber-risici.

Et tilsvarende arrangement afholdes i Aarhus 4. oktober.

Dato 03-10-2017 13:00 til 17:00

Alexandra Instituttet
DTU – Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
Innovationsnetværket for Produktion (Inno-Pro)

Pris Gratis

Today’s organisations are complex systems, including physical devices, software components, and human actors. Addressing security at the technical level alone is therefore not enough – we must consider interactions between technical artefacts and human actors. As organisations and their interactions grow more complex, their knowledge, assets, and social and economic role make them appealing attack targets.

Assessing the risk faced by complex systems and organisations is difficult at best. The manual assessment of security risks relies on the creativity and experience of specialists, and therefore is often impracticable for large systems. Technology-supported methods are needed to help identify potential attacks.

The Attack Navigator is a graph-based approach to security risk assessment inspired by navigation systems. The methodology is used to predict and prioritise attack scenarios based on a model of the organisation under study, and an attack goal. It includes modelling tools for systems and attacks, and evaluation techniques to derive quantitative security properties of the models.

Join us for this workshop, where you will get insights into modelling and evaluating the security of organisations and the interaction of physical, digital and social components, by using graphical models and formal techniques. You will also get hands-on experience with the presented techniques.


13:00 Welcome and Introduction  
13:20 Attack Trees
13:40  Evaluation of Attack Trees
14:00 Modelling of socio-technical systems
14:20 Attack Generation
14:40 Coffee Break
15:00 Group Work
16:00  Plenum session
17:00  Networking


Please sign up on or before the 29th of September at noon.

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